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Coronavirus and commerce: Online shopping's advantages and challenges in the face of a pandemic


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  • Curt Campbell

    Amazing advice with clarity.  Amy Jo and I own two retail shops and we have closed one of them down and consolidated to our second location. This is also where the shipping happens.  Since our products come from Italy I had no idea in the beginning, from day to day, if we were going to lose everything.  We held tight, stayed the course, and the orders literally started pouring into our outdated Miva Merchant web site.  I picked Shopify, bought a Pixel Union theme "Editions" and went to work.  Surprising how much one can do when one's back is so tightly up against a wall.  Launched the new site last week and with an email announcement we did $3,000 on Friday with a simple 10% promotion.  Life ain't easy but it sure is exciting!  Changing shopping carts during the equivalent of the Christmas rush. 


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