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Sprinting for survival: bricks to clicks acceleration in the age of COVID-19


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  • Curt Campbell

    Hit the nail on the proverbial head with this article.  I have 2 brick & mortar stores, one in Green Bay and the other in a very small village in Door County.  The State closed the one road thru town in February for 3 months of road work.  This left our shop literally on a 6 mile long deadend street.  We thought we could tough it out and remain open but then the virus hits and Door County Officials go overboard by declaring any visitors to the county, even owners of second homes, where not at all welcome.  That was the nail in the coffin and we had no choice but to close that store thru Memorial Day weekend and perhaps beyond.  That left of with our Green Bay store, which is a 1 hour commute for my wife and I. I had long had a real pos web site powered by Miva Merchant.  Right out of the article above, I only considered our web site to be a convenience item for our known customers. Orders started to come in fast and as the weeks flew by in March & April my wife and I looked at each other and realized we were seeing Christmas season numbers. In fact we are seeing larger than holiday sales now online.

    That's when I seriously began contemplating doing something about our lousy website.  I created a Shopify store and built it upon the Pixel Union theme "Editions".  Imagine this, building out a new online store in the middle of December. CRAZY.But it had to be done.  One store closed and the other doing a 3rd of it's normal sales when online came to the rescue.  Seriously it was a business saving decision that was absolutely scary, I was cramming years worth of development into a matter of days all the while having to learn new tricks. I self recorded 5 videos, edited them and got them on the new website in about 3 hours one morning.  Pure adrenaline. Very exciting times!


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